Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: ESL repeated reading
2. Soundboard: I am Tam.
Is Tam little?
Tam is little.
I have a mat.
Is the mat little?
The mat is little.
Tam is at the mat.
3. Soundboard: # 2, I am Sam.
I have a mat.
Sam sat at the mat.
I am Tam.
Tam is at the mat.
Tam sat at the mat.
Tam sat.
Sam sat.
4. Soundboard: #3, I am Pam.
I have a map.
The map sat on the mat.
I tap my map.
We tap the mat.
We pat at the mat.
We like the map.
5. Soundboard: I am Cam.
I am Mac.
We have a cap.
Cam is at the cap.
Is the cap my cap?
Mac is at the cap.
Is the cap my cap?
I like my cap., , #4
6. Soundboard: #5, Tip is a cat.
He is my cat.
Pat is a cat.
He is my cat.
It is for Tip.
It is for Pat.
Sit, Tip, sit.
Sit, Pat, sit.
7. Soundboard: #7, I am Sam.
I sit.
Tim sat.
I have Tim.  
He is my cat.
I pat Tim.
We tip.
I am Sam.
I sit.
It is a mat for Tim.
8. Soundboard: #8, Can Nat bat it?  Nat can bat it.
Can Nat tap it?  Nat can tap it.
Can Nat pat it?  Nat can pat it.
Nan can bat it.  She can bat.
Can Nat sip it?  Nat can sip it.
Nat sat with me.
Nat can't bat!
9. Soundboard: # 9, Rip the rat can sit.
Rip sat in a cap.  Rip sat.
Rip ran in the can.  Rip ran.
Rip sat in the can.  Rip sat.
Rip can bat the cap.  She can bat it.
Rip is with me.  Rip can sit.
Rip can nap.  Rap can bat.
10. Soundboard: Did Dad see the cat?  Dad did.
Did Dad look at it?  Dad did.
Did Dad see the rat?  Dad did.
Did Dad look at it?  Dad did.
Did Dad see the kid?  Dad did.
Did Dad look at it?  Dad did.
Dad can.  Dad did., #10
11. Soundboard: #11, Kip can see a kit.  Kip can look in it.
Kip can see a fan.  Kip can fan.
Fan, Kip, fan.
Kip can see a fat cat.  Kip can pat it.
Pat, Kip, pat.
Kip can fit it in the kit.
12. Soundboard: #12, Can Tom mop?  Tom can mop.
Tom can nap on top of the cot.
Can Dot mop?  Dot can mop.
Dot can sit on top of the cot.
Can Pat mop?  Pat can mop.
Pat can fit on top of the cot.
They look at the mop.  Can you mop?
13. Soundboard: #13, Rod can pat it.  Rod can tip the top.
Don can pat it.  Don did tip it.
You did not tip the top.
It is on top of the cot.
Dot did not tip it.
They can pat the top.  They can tip it.
It can not tip!
14. Soundboard: #14, Wes has a big job.  Wes got the yellow jet wet.
Wes will fill it.  Wes will fill it with gas.
Jen had a big job.  Jen sat in the blue jet.
Jen had a big grin.  Jen can hop in.  It can go fast.
Wes had a big bag.  Wes got in the green jet.
15. Soundboard: #15, Sit, Tom.  Sit, Kim.  Sit, Ann.  Sit, Jon.
Where did Cass go?  Cass will miss it.  Cass is sad.
Tom got a big ham.  Ham is in a big pan.  Pass us ham, Tom.
Ann can fix a yam.  It is not hot.  Pass us the yam, Ann.
Jon can mix dip.  Dip will fill the pan.   Pass us the dip, Jon.
Kim can come with red jam.  Jam is in a tan pot.  Pass us red jam, Kim.
It is Cass!  Cass can grin.  Cass can sit with us.
16. Soundboard: #16, Bud is a pup.  Bud sat up.  Bud said,  "Ruff, ruff."
What did Bud see?  Run, Bud, run.
Bud can run fast.  Bud can jump up.
Bud sat in the sun.  It was hot.  Bud got wet.
Bud dug in mud.  Bud had fun.
Get Bud in the tub.  Get Bud wet.
Bud can get a big hug.  Bud can get in bed.
17. Soundboard: #17, Jan sat on the bus.  What will Jan do?  "Can I get in the sub?" said Jan.  Jan will get in.
Jan can hit the drum.  Jan will grin.
Jan can hop on the bug.  Jan will have fun.
Jan can sip.  The red cup was big.
Jan can drop mud in a tub.  Jan will get in it.
Jan can get on the bus.  Jan had fun!
18. Soundboard: #18, Jim will get a quiz.  Jim and Mom come in.  Jim and Mom sit.
Can Mom help Jim?  Yes, Mom can help him.  Jim sat.  Mom sat.
   "Jim, is a yak an ox?"  Jim sat.  Jim said, "A yak is not an ox."
"Jim, where is the bug yak?"  Jim sat.  Jim said, "The big yak is on top."
Jim got the quiz.  Can Jim pass?  Yes, Jim did!, big
19. Soundboard: #19, Kip is big.  Sam is little.  Sam will go with Kip.
If Kip can dig here, Sam can dig here.  Kip can dig.  Will Sam dig?
If Kip can tap Cat, Sam can tap Cat.  Kip can tap Cat.  Will Sam tap?
If Kip can pass Pig, Sam can pass Pig.  Kip can pass Pig.  Will Sam pass?
If Kip can fit in the gap,Sam can fit in the gap.  Will Sam fit?
Sam can do what Kip can do!
20. Soundboard: #20, Spot is my pup.  Spot is not a big pup.
Spot can run fast.  Spot will run for fun.
Spot will run up the hill.  
Spot can dig.  Spot will dig in the mud.
Spot will dig up a lot of mud.
Spot can sit.  Spot will sit on my lap on the hill.
I will hug Spot.  Spot and I had fun.
21. Soundboard: #21, Todd got a red net.  Jan got a tan net.  
Will they have fun?
Todd got wet.  Jan got wet.  They had fun in the hot sun!
Deb fed a big, fat pig.  Wes fed a red hen.  Will they have fun?
Deb fell in the mud.  Wes got an egg.  They had fun in the hot sun!
22. Soundboard: #22, "What an odd, big box!" Pam Cat said.  "Can I see?"
"Yes, you can," said Tom Fox.  
Tom Fox did let Pam Cat see in the box.  
Tom Fox had a tan bed in the big box.
Tom Fox can jump on it.
Tom Fox had a red fan in the box.
Tom Fox can sit with the fan on.
"Not bad for an odd, big box," Pam Cat said.
23. Soundboard: #23, One fox can nap.
Fox is in the box.
Two pigs sit.
Fat pigs pin on wigs.
Three cats tap.
Tan cats tap on mats.
Four bats hit.
Bats hit pots.
24. Soundboard: #24, Sal can not get a cap.
Nat helps Sal.
The caps fit Nat and Sal.
Nat and Sal use a bat.
Nat is at bat.
Nat hits it.
It is six to six.
Nat runs and runs.
Nat wins!
25. Soundboard: #25, Mom is packing bags.
Dad is packing bags.
Pam helps pack bags.
We can get in the car.
Dad, Mom, and Pam sit.
It is time to go!
26. Soundboard: #26, The sun is up.
Frog sits on a stump.
Frog can bend his legs.
Frog can jump in the the pond.
Frog can see a nest.
It has small ducks in it.
A big duck swims at him.
Frog must jump.
Frog gets back on the stump.
At last, Frog can rest!
Frog is on his stump., pond.
27. Soundboard: #27, Tad is with his mom and dad at the pond.
Tad has his rod.
"I can get fish with this."
Dad stops at the shack.
"Dad is renting that one," Mom said.
Dad and Mom get fish.
"Put them in this.  Shut the lid."
Tad is sad.  Mom has fish.  Dad has fish.
He does not have fish.
Then Tad tugs and tugs.
It is a big fish!
28. Soundboard: #28, Hit the ball, Ben.
Ben can not hit it.
Hit the ball, Nick.
Nick hits the ball.
It is in the tree.  Ben and Nick are small.
They can not get it.  Call Tim.
Can Tim get the ball?  
Tim can not get the ball.
Walk up and talk to mom.
Mom is tall.  Mom can get the ball.
29. Soundboard: #29, Wake up, Nate!  Wake up!
It is late.
Nate will wake up.
Nate will make his bed.
Nate will swim in the lake and rest in the shade.
Nate will catch a ball and help win the game.
Nate will shut the gate and skate on this path.
Nate will bake a good cake and put it on a plate.
Nate will do all this.
But Nate must wake up!
Wake up, Nate!  Wake up!
30. Soundboard: #30, Dave is not in his cage.
Where is Dave?  Is Dave on the steps?
Did Dave race up the walk?
Did Dave take my ball?  Where is it?
Is Dave in bed?  Is Dave in this place?
Is that his face?  Dave jumps up.
Yes, Dave is here!
31. Soundboard: #31, Pat is on his bike.  Dad is with him.
A small cat can hide in the box.
But Pat can see it.  It is a fine cat.
"Can it come with us?"  Pat asks.
It is time to go.  
"Mom, this cat is mine.  Can we name it Mike?"
"Mike it is!"  Mom and Dad smile.
32. Soundboard: #32, Mom and Pam walk to the bus stop.
Which bus can Mom and Pat catch?
Mom and Pat get in line and then ride the bus.
"Can I get this red and white cap?
It is such a nice fit.  I can put it on when I pitch?"
Pam has chips.  Mom gets the check.
When will Mom and Pam go back?
It is time to catch the bus?, Pam, Pam
33. Soundboard: #33, Mom is mixing a cake.
"I must get nuts."
"Kate, take this note to Rose.
I hope Rose has nuts."
Rose is working at her stove.
"Take those nuts, Kate, and put them in this sack."
Kate went home.
"Mom, Rose gave us nuts."
34. Soundboard: Tom rides bikes with Mike and Dad.
Mike and Dad ride up the hill.
Tom didn't want to ride up it.
Dad calls Tom.
"It isn't a big hill."
"Ride up it, Tom," calls Dad.
"I'm going as fast as I can."
"I'm glad we came," Tom smiles.
"This is fun.", #34
35. Soundboard: #35, Here is June.  June is small.
June has to go home.
Here is Mule.  Mule is huge.
Mule can help June.
June can ride on Mule to get there.
But Mule is rude to June.
It makes June sad.
Mule gave June this present.
June will not be sad.
Mule takes June to Frog.
June and frog use Mule to get home.
36. Soundboard: #36, Luke sat on a dune.
June came in with a cute mule.
Luke asked his name.
"His name is Duke," June said.
"Duke is a fine mule."
Duke looked at Luke.
"Duke likes Luke," June said.
"Can Duke eat with us?" Luke asked.
"It will be fun!"
"Dukes eats cubes,"June said.
She gave Duke his cubes., Duke
37. Soundboard: Lee planted his seed.
"Sleep well, seed," Lee said.
He checked his seed.
He gave it water.
In a week, his plant shot up!
His mom said, "That plant grows fast.
Is it a weed?"
"It is a tree," Lee said with pride.
"It will be big."
It did grow big and it gave good shade., #37
38. Soundboard: Bandit is my pup.
He was three weeks old when we got him.
Dad and Mom like Bandit.
He is small but he will be big.
Bandit ran to meet the kitten.
She ran up a tree.
Now she likes Bandit.
They sleep together.
Bandit likes jumping on me.
Mom gives Bandit food.
Bandit sleeps is his black basket.
We love Bandit., #38
39. Soundboard: #39, My name is Sy.
My buddy Bobby and I will take a trip.
We need to be at the bus by five.
Bobby is late to meet me.
Bobby waves at bus.
The bus can't see him.
Bobby runs fast to catch up.
The bus sees him.
The bus stops and Bobby gets on.
We take our trip on the bus.
40. Soundboard: #40, What will we do?
We pack food in a basket.
We bring drinks.
We sit on the grass.
Dad makes food and we run races.
We are happy.
We rest by the tree trunk.
Mom and Dad help,us while we swing.
We like the swings and the slide.
At the end of the day, Mom sings songs.
It is time to go home.

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