Activity Content:

1. School Community, ESL Social Studies 1
2. Places (lugares), School, Playground
3. Places (lugares), Classroom, Cafeteria, Hallway
4. Where is?
5. Principal's Office, Main Office, Nurse's Office, Places (lugares)
7. People (personas), Students, Teacher, Nurse, Cafeteria worker
8. Where is?
9. Secretary, Principal, Custodian, People (personas)
10. Where is?
11. The cafeteria worker, is in, the cafeteria., The teacher, is in, the classroom.
12. The nurse, is in, the nurse's office., The principal, is in, the principal's office.
13. The custodian, is in, the hallway., The students, are on, the playground.
14. The secretary, is in, the secretary's office.
15. The teacher is in, The secretary is in, The nurse is in
17. The students play at the playground., play
19. The teacher teaches in the classroom., teach
21. The custodian cleans in the hallway., clean
23. The cafeteria worker serves the food in the cafeteria., serves the food

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