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1. Questions: Text, Font, Illustration, Art, Graphic design, TinyTap Ltd., Meter, Clip art, Pattern, Yellow, Line, Logo, Paper, Angle, Fraction, Turquoise, love, M, Point, Area, Play M Entertainment, Let’s have fun, with shapes!
2. Questions: Font, Illustration, Stock photography, Stock illustration, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Graphics, Line, Circle, Photography, Royalty-free, Pink, Magenta, Portable Network Graphics, Clock, Watch, Antique, Home accessories, iStock, Alarm clock, Wall clock, Radio clock, Movement, Clock face, Digital clock, Hourglass, Mantel clock, Pendulum clock, Getty Images, Daylight saving time, Seiko, Dial, clock face time, Grandfather clock, Seiko Time Systems, Inc., station clock next, Dylan Wall Clock, Wall Clock 60, London Clock Company, Transparent Clock, Station clock, cartoon clock transparent background, can stock
3. Questions: Font, Graphic design, Green, Meter, Yellow, Graphics, Circle, Tree, Angle, Christmas Day, Area, Triangle, Cone, Christmas tree, Christmas tree M
4. Questions: Font, Meter, Product, Line, Circle, Angle, Blue, Point, Area, Triangle, Window, Colorfulness
5. Questions: Font, Design, Pattern, Product, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Rectangle, Circle, Wallpaper, Pillow, Product design, Angle, M, Point, Electric blue, Flag
6. Questions: Font, Illustration, Graphic design, Meter, Cartoon, Yellow, Line, Angle, Mathematics, Triangle, Cone, Geometry, Ersa Replacement heater
7. Questions: Font, Packaged goods, Computer, Meter, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Orange, Circle, Wallpaper, Angle, M, Colorfulness, Analytic trigonometry and conic sections, Precalculus
8. Questions: Font, Illustration, Graphic design, Design, Green, Pattern, Yellow, Graphics, Line, Brand, Circle, lighting, Product design, Angle, Turquoise, Blue, Point, Aqua, Area, Triangle
9. Questions: Font, Design, Meter, Pattern, Product, Yellow, Line, Rectangle, Orange, Circle, Logo, Product design, Angle, Square
10. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Hat, Computer, Meter, Yellow, Graphics, cloudM New York Bowery, Line, Sky, Wallpaper, Logo, M, felicia sanders

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