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1. , Halloween 
5. Halloween daring  decisions, Game
6. Choose the right thing to do!, Take a piece one piece of candy can't hurt you, You eat your snack you brought instead of the candy, You ask your friend if it's ok to eat the candy, You know it's safe to eat the candy because you've had it many times before, A, B, C, D, You are out trick or treating and you want to eat a piece of from your bag
7. , Choose the right thing to do!, All of your friends are wearing face masks with their costumes and they want you to wear one too, You decide to wear face paint instead because you don't want to trip and fall, Your parents tell you it's dangerous to wear a face mask but you want to look cool like your friends so you wear the mask anyway, You decide to wear a face mask because it's safe if your friends are doing it, You don't wear a face mask instead you decorate a paper bag and wear it on your head, A, B, C, D
8. Video time!

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