Activity Content:

1. From Fiction to Fact
at Warp Speed!
2. Suggested Activities, Discuss with students how technology/inventions in sci fi stories could actually be developed in the future. Complete the 12 pages of context clues to understand what technologies were used in Star Trek. After each item, ask students to vote if they think that particular technology has been invented yet, and have students graph the responses - how many Yes, how many No. Then play the follow-up video explaining where those technologies are in development today. Have students summarize that portion of the lesson about sci fi technology becoming science fact (verbally or in writing). Use the Star Trek Challenge activities at the end to compete in teams for the best time, then graph the results and summarize.  Extend the lesson by having them choose their favorite sci fi story, identify a piece of technology that seems "far-fetched", and research if it has or is being developed for real. Students can work together to present their report on the results, creating a TinyTap presentation for the group.
3. Lesson Objectives:
(choose what is appropriate to your grade/students), 1. Determine word meaning from visual/verbal context.
2. Summarize the point of the lesson, citing specific details.
3. Make connections to previous knowledge on the subject (what have they read/heard about these inventions already?
4. Interpret/represent information in charts/graphs.
5. Choose topic from any sci fi story/series and do research to determine if the technology/inventions in the story exist/are being developed/are not possible. (individual or group project)
6. Present results to the group in any medium that shows evidence of organizational planning, ability to summarize research in their own words, includes more than one source of information, and provides an appropriate concluding statement.
5. Personal Access and Display Device, A hand-held
computer., A flat
TV., A backup
camera for
a starship., A                                    B                                    C
6. Apple introduced iPad in 2009
7. Tap
when you are ready
to continue
8. Hypospray, A way to
give a shot
without a
needle., A new kind
of air
freshner., A purse-
hair spray., A                                   B                                   C
9. 2012, MIT
11. Invisibility Cloak, Something you
put over an
object to make
it invisible., A                                 B                                C, A timepiece
that you 
cannot see., One of 
12. There once was..., 2013, Japan
14. Geordi's VISOR, Very Interesting
Sights On
Rigel IV., Visual Instrument
and Sensory
Replacement., Vulcan 
15. In a faraway land..., 2013, approved by FDA
17. Wearable Communicator, Device worn
on the body for 
with others., Jewelry that
displays the 
insignia/logo., Portable
music player 
to pin on 
your clothes.
18. Apple, 2015
20. Android, A new way
to charge
your phone., A
A treatment
for migraine
headaches., A robot that 
looks like a
person., B, C
21. 2016, Hanson Robotics
23. Universal Translator, Device that
converts your
speech to any
other language., Device to detect
signals in space,
converting them
to speech., Device to scan
a page of text
and read it
to you.
24. 2016,  became reality
26. Food Replicator, Cooks
food., Copies the
of food., Washes
dishes., A                                     B                                    C
27. 2016, Israel - to be released 2017
29. A                                  B                                C, Medical Scanner, A machine that
takes your body
readings without
touching you., A hand-held
device to
receive XFM
radio stations., A video 
game for
30. 2016, awaiting FDA approval
32. Phaser, Something
about a person's
behavior that
makes an
impact., A type of 
laser weapon
carried by
the crew., A machine
that scrubs
your skin.
33. 2016, in field testing
35. Teleporter, What the TV
Cable company 
uses to transmit
your shows., Instantaneous
from one place
to another., The huge TV
screens at a
sports stadium.
36. 2016, beginning development
38. Warp Drive, A means of
light travel., A type of
fuel for
your car., The address
where Worf
the Klingon
39. 2016, in development (NASA)
41. Challenge
42. Live long 
and prosper., Tribbles, Vulcan
mind meld., V'ger
43. Did you know that V'ger was short for "Voyager", a space probe launched in the past that had roamed the universe for centuries collecting data. You can find out about the REAL Voyager space probe at ...
44. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gignon, Worf, Wesley, Data, Geordi, Capt. Picard, Will, Dr. Crusher, Counselor

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