Activity Content:

1. Soundboard: Tapir the Party Planner, You can count on us, Getting the Party Hats Ready, Concept & Illustrations by Moses Sia,
2. Soundboard: Mr Tapir is a party planner. He is planning a surprise party for Mr Peacock., He sends out the invitation.
3. Soundboard: Hello! My husband and I will be there. :), The first reply comes from Mrs Orangutan.
4. Puzzle
5. Soundboard: Next, Mr Hornbill replies., I will come with my 3 cousins.
6. Puzzle
7. Soundboard: Sorry, I cannot be there., Mr Banteng sends his reply too.
8. Soundboard
9. Soundboard: Finally, Ms Mousedeer sends her reply., Hi! The Mousedeer triplets will be at the party!
10. Puzzle
11. Soundboard: 2  +  4  +  3  =, 9
12. Soundboard: We have a party hat for every friend and another one for Mr Peacock too., We are ready for the party!
13. Reading: Thank you for getting the party hats ready for Mr Peacock's surprise party., Ringtone from

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