Activity Content:

1. Reading: Text, Font, Hat, Meteorological phenomenon, Cloud, Sky, Download, Daytime, Cumulus, Company, Natural landscape, Morning, Calm, Jealousy, bonne personne islam, Big Cloud Vape Lounge, Love Street
2. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Cloud, Photo caption, Person, Sky, Happy, Adaptation, Thinking, Guru, Microsoft Corporation, Dell EMC, Computing, Cloud computing, Google Cloud Platform, Blessing, Office 365, Computer Application, Infrastructure as a Service, christian clouds
3. Questions: Text, Font, Cloud, Photo caption, Person, Sky, Smile, Photography, Happy, Adaptation, Court, Thinking, Major general, ISTX EU.ESG CL.A.SE.50 EO, Supreme court, جريدة الشبيبة, Commander, Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, Supreme Judicial Council of Saudi Arabia, Appellate court, Council of Administrative Affairs for the Judiciary
4. Questions: Text, Organism, Art, Meter, Image, Person, Photography, Fictional character, Adaptation, Water, Water resources, Artist, Sea, Ocean, DeviantArt, User profile, Greek mythology
5. Text Input: Art, World, Adaptation, History, Monument, Sculpture, Statue, Mythology, Zeus, Greek mythology, Goddess, God, greek god of the underworld, Underworld, Twelve Olympians, Classical sculpture, Myth, Demeter, Hades, Persephone
6. Text Input: Person, Landmark, Architecture, Historic site, Ancient history, Temple, Place of worship, Column, Classical architecture, Ancient Roman architecture, Parthenon, Ancient greek temple, Ionic order, temple of athena nike, Athena Parthenos, Athena Promachos, Portico
7. Text Input: Organism, Art, World, Adaptation, Necklace, Landmark, History, Historic site, Clock, jerusalem, Siege of Jerusalem, Jewish people, Archaeological site, Middle ages, Holy places, Jewish history, Isaac, Israelites, Babylon, 布里斯本華人天主教會, Nebuchadnezzar II, Zedekiah, Babylonian captivity
8. Questions: Organism, Animal, Person, Adaptation, Tree, Plant, Natural environment, Sculpture, Statue, Forest, People in nature, Woodland, Zeus, Greek mythology, Goddess, Roman mythology, hestia, artemis, artemis goddess altar, The Temple of Artemis, Diana of Versailles, Goddess Of The Hunt, Diana, Selene
9. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Art, Cloud, Person, Sky, Adaptation, Landmark, History, Sculpture, Statue, Tattoo, Meditation, Greek mythology, Blessing, Apollo, Santa Cruz del Valle
10. Text Input: Text, Font, Image, Sky, Wallpaper, Happy, Adaptation, Spring, Poster, Pink, Blog, nature, Flower, Dress, Morning, Photomontage, People in nature, Desmotivación, Reir o Llorar
11. Questions: Text, Font, Meter, Person, Adaptation, Plant, Grass family, Science, History, Statue, Ancient history, Ecosystem, Grasses, National historic landmark, Mythology, Greeks, Goddess, Greek language, Demeter, demeter greek goddess
12. Text Input: Person, Fictional character, Flame, Fire, Firefighter, Fire department, Heat, Fire marshal, Smoke detector, Fire Chief, Album cover, Wildfire, Fire safety, Structure fire, Fire alarm system, blue fire
13. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Packaged goods, Meter, Product, Cartoon, Line, Brand, Product design, Statue, Bronze sculpture, Greek mythology, Hermes, jewish federation of broward county
14. Questions: Text, Font, Flame, Sculpture, smoke, Fire, Firefighter, Fire department, Heat, Smoke detector, Wildfire, Structure fire, Fire alarm system, arson, Barn fire, lit fire, Firebreak, Chimney fire
15. Text Input: Plant, Fruit, Food, Mineral, Natural foods, Superfood, Seedless fruit, Grape, Sculpture, Wine, Vitis, Grapevine family, Sultana, Lemon, Nutrient, Champagne, Zante currant, Horticulture Quiz
16. Reading: Text, Font, Meteorological phenomenon, Cloud, Sky, Blue, Daytime, Cumulus, Atmosphere, Natural landscape, Rain, Weather forecasting, Weather, Wind, Wind speed, Zambia, Muchinga Province, Copperbelt Province, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation

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