Activity Content:

1. Questions: Time for S'MORE fun!
2. Soundboard: You will 
3. Soundboard: 2. Chocolate, 1. Graham 
cracker on 
the bottom., 4. Another
on top., 3. Melted 
4. Soundboard: small, medium, large, What size will you 
be making today?
5. Soundboard: How many marshmallows
will you need for that size?
6. Soundboard: a little piece, half of it, all of it, How much chocolate
will you need?
7. Soundboard: How will you melt
your marshmallows?
8. Questions: Little
9. Reading: Put your marshmallows
on a stick or skewer.
10. Reading: Hold your marshmallow above the flames. Do not let the flames touch
 the marshmallow. Heat until the marshmallow is squishy.
11. Reading: WARNING!, If your marshmallow falls
off your stick, get a new one!
12. Reading: Put your chocolate on top
of your graham cracker.
13. Reading: (Your adult will decide if they need 
to help you with the this step.), Using a spoon or fork, 
carefully slide marshmallow 
off stick onto chocolate.
14. Reading: Put another graham cracker 
on top of the marshmallow 
and gently press down.
15. Reading: The marshmallow will be hot enough 
to melt the chocolate - and burn 
your mouth! Wait a few minutes for 
it to cool before you eat it.
16. Puzzle: , 1             2            3, 4             5            6
17. Questions: Mom or Dad, Teacher, Teenager, Little
18. Reading: Your adult helper should turn
on the broiler to heat up.
19. Reading: Put one graham cracker for 
each person on a cookie sheet.
20. Reading: Put a piece of chocolate on
each graham cracker.
21. Reading: Place marshmallows on
top of chocolate.
22. Reading: Put s'mores under broiler  until marshmallows get gooey.
23. Reading: Put another graham cracker 
on top of the marshmallows., Press down gently.
24. Reading: WARNING!, Stop and think - if the s'mores
are hot enough to melt the marshmallow, it is hot enough to 
burn your mouth. Wait for it to cool!
25. Puzzle: 1            2             3, 4            5             6
26. Puzzle: Vocabulary Match-ups
27. Questions: Q: Who can help 
you melt your 
marshmallows?, adult, oven, little sister
28. Questions: Q: What is white, 
and squishy?, snowman, marshmallow, pillow
29. Questions: Q: Where does the 
marshmallow go
in the s'more?
30. Questions: Q: When is it 
time to 
clean up?, after you eat, the mess, in the trash
31. Questions: Q: Why do you 
have to wait a few
minutes to eat?, You're hungry., Five minutes., it's too hot., Because
32. Questions: smores
yummy, Word Search
33. Questions

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