Activity Content:

1. It's Pizza Party Day!, Hooray!
2. English muffins, Sauce, Shredded 
mozzarella cheese, Grated parmesan
cheese, Dried 
oregano, Toaster oven, Baking sheets, Measuring cups
and spoons, Oven mitt
4. 1. Split open the English muffins and toast them in the toaster oven.
5. 2. Add 1 T. sauce to each muffin.
6. 3. Add mozzarella cheese to each.
7. 4. Add other toppings.
8. 5. Sprinkle each muffin
with 1/4 t. oregano.
9. 6. Shake on a little parmesan cheese.
10. 7. Broil in oven until brown.
11. Find that
13. Let's 

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