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1. Reading: Font, Visual arts, Illustration, Art, Design, Image, Clip art, Cartoon, Line, Person, Rectangle, Fictional character, Drawing, Cuisine, Vegetarian food, Textile, Party, 2017 Met Gala, Myśliborska, Pizza Party Day, Hooray!, It's Pizza Party Day!
2. Soundboard: Organism, Packaged goods, Design, Meter, Product, Product design, Food, Food group, Home appliance, Small appliance, caddie, English muffins, Sauce, Shredded 
mozzarella cheese, Grated parmesan
cheese, Dried 
oregano, Toaster oven, Baking sheets, Measuring cups
and spoons, Oven mitt,
3. Soundboard: Animal, Stock photography, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Person, Logo, Word, Chess, Recipe, Chess piece, chess piece character, Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals, Chess Evolution 2: Beyond the Basics, Chess Evolution 1: The Fundamentals, Fast chess, Chess middlegame, Chessboard, Modern chess, phase 2 sets 1 4 words
4. Soundboard: Design, Meter, Product, Product design, Table, Oven, Table M Lamp Restoration, Kitchen Appliance, Geometry, Microwave oven, Mathematical proof, Small appliance, Toaster, geometry proofs, Food warmer, 1. Split open the English muffins and toast them in the toaster oven.
5. Soundboard: Text, Font, Design, Product, Cartoon, Graphics, Line, Brand, Plant, Fruit, Product design, Food, Tableware, Natural foods, Superfood, Area, Cherry, Pectin, american dream cartoon, American Dream, 2. Add 1 T. sauce to each muffin.
6. Soundboard: Text, Font, Organism, Design, Computer, Product, Graphics, Brand, Wallpaper, Logo, Product design, Food, M, Cuisine, Dish, Vegetarian food, Side dish, Noodle, 3. Add mozzarella cheese to each.
7. Soundboard: Font, Organism, Computer, Meter, Product, Graphics, Wallpaper, Fruit, Food, M, Vegetarian food, Vegetarianism, Vegetarian cuisine, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Orange S.A., 4. Add other toppings.
8. Soundboard: Font, Organism, Packaged goods, Meter, Product, Graphics, Line, Brand, Logo, Food, Water, 5. Sprinkle each muffin
with 1/4 t. oregano.
9. Soundboard: Packaged goods, Product, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Junk food, Pizza, Baked goods, Snack, Flavor, Ingredient, Finger food, Mitsui cuisine M, Dish Network, Pancake, MINI Cooper, mini pizza, 2020 MINI Cooper, 6. Shake on a little parmesan cheese.
10. Soundboard: Text, Font, Packaged goods, Design, Meter, Product, Technology, Electronic device, Line, Brand, Product design, Output device, Communication, Toaster, 7. Broil in oven until brown.
11. Questions: Illustration, Animal, Stock photography, Image, Clip art, Vector graphics, Sales, Product, Brand, Person, Logo, Shutterstock, Vegetarian food, Chess, Recipe, Food group, Business, Board game, Produce, Boost Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals, top 5car brands, Brand ambassador, Find that
12. Puzzle: Illustration, Meter, Clip art, Pattern, Product, Line, Games, Icon, Area, Icon Pro Audio Platform M+ Audio and MIDI Control Surface
13. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Art, Hat, Fauna, Meter, Cat, Brand, Photo caption, Person, Photography, Adaptation, Pizza, Human, Man, Eating, Behavior, Human behavior, Conversation, Collage, Felidae, monkey eating pizza, Let's 

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