Activity Content:

1. Questions: Text, Font, Illustration, Hat, Green, Cartoon, Graphics, Person, Fictional character, Logo, Headgear, Stranger, Danger!!
2. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Animal, Cartoon, Line, Child, Person, Happy, Adaptation, Riddle, Clothing, Puzzle, Sharing, Pleased, ???, A stranger is someone 
you and your parents 
do not know well 
enough to trust.
3. Questions: Text, Illustration, Art, Clip art, Cartoon, Graphics, Child, Person, Parallel, Comics, Dress, Your soccer 
coach, Your teacher, Your mom, Your babysitter, The guy walking his
dog everyday., Your grandparents
4. Reading: Text, Font, Line, Adaptation, Parallel, Good Stranger, Bad  Stranger, 1. Will be nice to you
2. Will help you 
3. Will not ask you to do 
something you know is wrong 
or makes you feel uncomfortable., 1.Will pretend to be nice to you.
2. Will try to trick you into going 
with them so they can hurt you.
3. Might try to get close enough
to grab you.
5. Reading: Animal, Animal figure, Animation, Fawn, Mirror, Koala, Appearances can 
be deceiving!
6. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Product, Line, Person, Parallel, Avoid dangerous situations!, 1.  Never walk alone.
7. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Illustration, Hat, Cartoon, Line, Child, Person, Parallel
8. Questions: Text, Font, Organism, Person, Avoid dangerous situations!, 3. Be aware of your surroundings
9. Soundboard: Organism, Illustration, Art, Luggage & bags, Cartoon, Person, Fictional character, Animation, Comics, Suspicious Behavior
10. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Illustration, Art, Cartoon, Line, Person, Smile, Happy, Fictional character, Clothing, When you are scared, worried, 
uncomfortable, or threatened, 
you can feel it in the pit of your 
stomach. That's called "a gut 
feeling" and it's usually right. 
Listen to it!
11. Reading: Text, Illustration, Art, Cartoon, Picture frame, Child, Photo caption, Person, Adaptation, Animation, Presentation, Human, 1.   Don't take anything
from a stranger!
12. Reading: Text, Organism, Illustration, Art, Animal, Vertebrate, Cartoon, Person, Fictional character, Adaptation, 2.   Don't go anywhere
with a stranger!
13. Reading: Text, Line, Picture frame, Person, Presentation, Human, Parallel, 3.   Don't get too close
to a stranger!
14. Soundboard: Text, Illustration, Clip art, Cartoon, Child, Person, Conversation, Comics
15. Soundboard: Illustration, Art, Cartoon, Person, Fictional character, Sharing, Toy vehicle
16. Reading: Animal, Clip art, Cartoon, Person
17. Reading: Illustration, Clip art, Hand, Finger, Fashion accessory, Portable Network Graphics, Transparency, Gesture, Thumb, Scalable Vector Graphics, Applause, Personal protective equipment, Quotation, Thumb signal, Glove
18. Video: Text, Font, Sky, Darkness, Light, Brown, Red, African Americans, Black, White, Atmosphere, JPEG, Harlem, BL∀CK MAP, It's All Worth Living For, The Cleveland Museum of Art
19. Reading: Text, Font, Line, Area, Tips For Parents, 3. Set up a code word (something easy for your child to remember) in case something happens and you need someone else to pick up your child., 5. Teach your child to NEVER go with anybody without telling you first., 1.  Make sure your child knows his name, address, and phone number.
2. Show your child safe places where he might be able to get help in his environment., 4. Never have your child wear any clothes or a backpack that displays their name to strangers.
20. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Green, Line, Number, Document

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