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1. Reading: Text, Font, Packaged goods, Pattern, Circle, Passover, Matzo, Jewish cuisine, Haggadah, The
2. Soundboard: Text, Font, Line, Number, Square, Tap here for the Seder song, Tap each step to hear it's name
3. Soundboard: Packaged goods, Clip art, Portable Network Graphics, Passover, Plagues of Egypt, Passover Seder plate, Haggadah
4. Questions: Packaged goods, Clip art, Junk food, Food group, Portable Network Graphics, Passover, Plagues of Egypt, Matzo, Passover Seder plate, Haggadah, Now test your knowledge
5. Video: Text, Font, Line, Brand, Drinkware, Tableware, Drink, Kadesh, At the beginning of
the Seder we pour each other
a full cup of wine ready for Kiddush
and the 1st of the 4 cups of wine
6. Puzzle: Organism, Product, Brand, Tableware, Water, Fashion accessory, Urchatz, Hands are washed now before we
dip a vegetable. We don't say
the Bracha על נטילת ידים
7. Soundboard: Vegetable, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Bowl, Natural foods, Superfood, Food group, Vegan nutrition, Leaf vegetable, Houseplant, Ingredient, Produce, Whole food, Vegetarian cuisine, A vegetable is dipped
into salt water.
Dipping food is what
free people do with their food
and salt water reminds us of
the tears we cried in Mitzrayim, Karpas - כרפס
8. Video: Brand, Plant, Food, Bowl, Leaf vegetable, Houseplant
9. Video: Text, Font, Organism, Human behavior, Shoe, Yachatz, יחץ, Watch the video to find out
what happens at Yachatz
10. Video: Text, Font, Line, Person, מגיד, Magid, This is the most important part of the Seder, where parents need to teach their children about how we were slaves and how Hashem saved us from the hands of Paroh
11. Reading: Hat, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Recipe, Food group, Vegan nutrition, Shoe, Dip Karpas, Dip Maror, Leaning
12. Reading: Text, Font, Yellow, Line, Landscape, Ecoregion, Dress, Pyramid
13. Reading: Brand, Beak, Logo, Games, Birds, רָשָׁע, חָכָם, תָּם, וְשֶׁאֵינוֹ יוֹדֵעַ לִשְׁאוֹל, The wicked, The wise, The simple, The one who doesn't 
know how to ask
14. Questions: Games, אַרְבָּעָה בָנִים דִבְּרָה תוׁרָה..., The Four Sons
15. Reading: Text, Font, Rectangle, Greeting card
16. Reading: Text, Font, Animal, Graphic design, Line, Person, Fictional character, Adaptation, Human, Human behavior, After 210 years of slavery 'ה sends מֺשֶה to פַּרְעׂה to ask for the בְּנֵי יִשְֹרָאֵל to leave מִצְרַיִם or else He would bring plagues.
17. Questions: Cartoon, Person, Fictional character, Scarf, Belt, Pharaoh, Moses, Passover, Plagues of Egypt, Pharaohs in the Bible, The Exodus, Ten Commandments, Listen to the riddles to 
work out the plague
18. Video: Illustration, Art, Graphic design, Cartoon, Graphics, Person, Sky, Fictional character, Beit issie shapiro, Passover, Haggadah, סיפור יציאת מצרים
19. Soundboard: Organism, Animal, Picture frame, Food, Matza
מַצָה, Maror
מָרוֹר, Pesach
20. Reading: Font, Tableware, After מַגִיד is finished we say a special בְּרָכָה and drink the 2nd of the 4 cups of wine. (Remember to lean)
21. Reading: Text, Font, Line, Brand, Product design, Fashion accessory, Metal, Jewellery, Ring, Rachtza - רָחְצָה, This time we wash our hands and 
we do say the Bracha
...עַל נְטִילַת יָדָיִם
22. Reading: Text, Food, Cuisine, Two Brachot are said. One for regular bread and a special one for the Mitzva of eating Matza.
23. Reading: Text, Organism, Animal, Pillow, We now make a special Bracha as it is a Mitzva to eat Maror on Seder night
24. Soundboard: Person, Food, Junk food, American food, Cheeseburger, כּוֹרֵךְ
25. Puzzle: Tableware, Event, Party, Finger food, Meal, À la carte food, Lunch, Table top, Jewish holiday, Dinner, Passover, Brunch, Banquet, Rehearsal dinner, Matzo, Haggadah, Community Passover Seder, שׁוּלְחָן עוֹרֵךְ 
The Festive Meal
26. Questions: Design, Green, Furniture, Wallpaper, House, lighting, Room, Interior design, Building, Chair, Living room, Couch, Dining room, Color, Interior Design Services, Ceiling, Hue, Fireplace, interior, Navy blue, Can you find the Afikaoman?, צָפוּן
27. Reading: Text, Illustration, Educational game, Picture frame, Food, Cuisine, Dish, Tableware, Christmas eve, Greeting card, Major and minor, Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, בָּרֵךְ
Benching / Birkat Hamazon, 3
28. Reading: Text, Font, Organism, Illustration, Animal, Education, Line, Tableware, 4
29. Video: Art, Person, Adaptation, Poster, Building, Painting, Oil painting, Wall, Historic site, Canvas print, jerusalem, Work of art, Oil painting reproduction, Solomon's Wall, Academic art, History painting, Portrait of Mademoiselle Durand, Pollice Verso, נִרְצָה, Although we are free from Egypt we don't feel completely free until Mashiach comes and we will all be together in Yerushalayim

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