Activity Content:

1. Reading: Let's learn about Purim!
2. Questions: Achashverosh, Haman
3. Questions: Vashti, Esther
4. Questions: Because
she came
down to the
party, Because
she refused
to come to
the party, Because
she was
having such
a good time
at the party
5. Questions: He had
a beauty
competition, He went to
houses and
tried a glass
slipper on their
feet, There was
a big party, He pulled
her name
out of a ballot
6. Questions
7. Questions: Her
name, Her
age, That
she was
8. Questions: Because
he refused
to bow down
to Haman, Because
he made
Haman go
to the King's
party, He told
Haman he
didn't like
his clothes
9. Questions: 13th
Adar, 20th
10. Questions: Fast for
days, Sleep
the King's
11. Questions: He saved
the King's
life, He gave
the King
good dreams
12. Questions: Megillat
Esther, The
13. Questions: Mishloach
Manot, Chocolate
14. Questions

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