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It's simple! Here's how it works

    Create educational games
    from your photos

    Every photo you take is now an opportunity to
    learn, play, and create a truly personal game.

    Record questions with
    your own voice

    Every time your kids play a game, they will hear
    someone they love, play with them.

    Share the games you create with your family and the world

    Every game that you create can be published for all to enjoy!
    Send it to your family and friends, or to the world - and spread the joy.

Super Duper Simple Experience

  • Library
  • Create Game
  • Artist
  • Mark Answer
  • Market
  • Game
  • Game Play
  • Game Score
  • Game Engines

Discover New Games To Play

Visit the TinyTap store to get stunning new games with high educational value.
You can even edit them and add your own voice and photos to quickly personalise them.