,   Ages 14+

No doubt about it, teaching is a very stressful job. This activity will help you develop your own stress-busting kit to use on "those days" when strangling someone starts sounding like a good idea!

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Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Soundboard
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard
5. Soundboard
6. Soundboard
7. Soundboard
8. Soundboard
9. Reading
10. Reading
11. Soundboard
12. Reading: Keep in mind that students may 
have allergies to your favorite scents!
13. Soundboard
14. Soundboard
15. Soundboard
16. Video: 6, Spend time in nature!, Even 30 min once/week has been shown to be effective, 
so put the Fitbits away and use your senses.
17. Soundboard: 7
18. Reading

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