,   Age: 1-2

Step-by-step intro to the features of TinyTap. If this is your first time using TinyTap, you might want to open this tutorial from your computer so you can use your mobile device to follow along.

Last update 5/30/17


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Reading: Website: www.tinytap.it, Search by title, author,
topic, language, age, Brings you back to
the home screen
and marketplace, Sign up for Pro
Membership!, Puts you into
Creation mode,
starting with a
blank page, Sign in to check
your personal
stats & followers!, Takes you to your
data management 
page (requires
3. Reading
4. Reading: Turn on Smart Play
to allow TinyTap to
automatically play
another similar app
after yours if finished.
5. Reading: PLAY: this is your personal library of creations and downloads.
6. Reading: DUE: Notifications of assignments that are due
7. Reading
8. Reading
9. Reading
10. Reading
11. Reading: Monitor your students
searching for web images., Hint: To delete an image,
swipe it quickly to the side
and literally throw it away., Search for web images or animated GIFs.
12. Reading
13. Reading: Double tap image to open the formatting menu, Background will blow up
your image to take up the
entire page (cannot undo)., Remove white from 
background of image
(and ALL white) 
(cannot undo), Flip image horizontally,
and back again., Stick it to the background
so it doesn't move (this
cannot be undone).
14. Reading: Text formatting bar, Open TEXT box, Change language
or access icons
15. Reading
16. Reading
17. Reading
18. Reading: 1. Record your directions, 3. Record your question, type in 
all possible answers in text box, 5. Tap on DONE, 4. Select keyboard if you want
a typed response, or mic if 
you want verbal response., 2. Create an answer 
box, and tap on the +
19. Reading: NOTE: You would use a soundboard
as a menu page or table of contents
to jump to other parts of your activity
20. Reading
21. Reading
22. Reading
23. Reading
24. Reading
25. Reading
26. Reading: Deleting an app from the marketplace, You can also change the
public/private setting here.
27. Reading: Closets make great recording booths.
28. Reading

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