,   Ages 7-8

If you work with individuals who have unusual or robotic speech, it might be an issue with prosody. This informal assessment will give you a chance to find out! The protocol for scoring is in a Google sheet, available at http://bit.ly/2ptoNjr This will automatically score and graph the results for you. Follow up with the additional Prosody Park lessons on stress, intonation, and phrasing.


Activity Content:

1. Questions
2. Soundboard: For the Examiner, Begin the
Assessment, Please note, this is NOT a standardized test. It is an informal assessment meant to help you pinpoint where a client's prosody may be breaking down, select specific therapy goals, and monitor progress.

Warning! Do NOT use the score given in this app at the end. The score is NOT a percentage, but is based on a variety of several factors that are not relevant to assessing prosody. You would use the information from the test protocol instead. The test protocol is actually a Google sheet where you enter the scores for the responses and it will automatically total them and graph them for you. The protocol can be accessed from the internet at this address:

3. Soundboard: 1. Imitate each pair of words, trying to copy the high and low pitches., cat, monkey, alligator, STRESS: pitch and volume
4. Soundboard: STRESS: pitch and volume, I got a new car., The librarian said, 
"Sh! Quiet please.", 2. Repeat each sentence, trying to
imitate the loud and soft volumes., I have a secret.
5. Soundboard
6. Soundboard: A, B, and, and, 4. Make a sentence for each pair of pictures to tell who has what., STRESS: pitch and volume
7. Soundboard: 5. Repeat each of these sentences, trying
    to match the rising and falling pitch., Intonation, He was late for school again., The balloon went up, and then came down., Have you seen my keys?
8. Soundboard: Intonation, A, B, C, D
9. Soundboard: Whose ... ?, What ... ?, How much ... ?, Is ... ?, Intonation, 7. Make up a question for each picture, using the starter word.
10. Questions: Intonation, confused, angry, 8. Listen to this sentence said 3 different ways, then select which feeling was being expressed in each one., Where is it?, upset/frustrated
11. Soundboard: A, B, C, He lost it., Intonation, confused, 9. Say the sentence below in 3 different ways to express each of the feelings shown below., angry, upset/frustrated
12. Soundboard: PAUSING, Twinkle, twinkle little 
star, how I wonder 
what you are. Up 
above the world so 
high, like a diamond in 
the sky. Twinkle, 
twinkle,little star, how 
I wonder what you are., Five little monkeys 
jumping on the bed. 
One fell off and bumped 
his head. Momma called 
the doctor, and the
doctor said, "No more 
monkeys jumping on 
the bed!", 10. Read both of the passages below aloud,
      using a normal conversational volume.
13. Soundboard: 11. Retell the story of The Three Little Pigs., Pausing
14. Reading

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