,   Ages 5-6

Dolch Sight Words for Kindergarten. This is part 1 of 4, containing words: are, at, brown, ran, he, came, please, do, must, get, she, ate, all. Students must unscramble letters to spell the words, construct sentences with them, and read them.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: Kindergarten                          Sight Words, K, K, K, K, K, K, Part 1
2. Puzzle: a   t
3. Puzzle: a   re
4. Puzzle: We   are     at     school.
5. Puzzle: r   a   n
6. Puzzle: b    r   ow   n
7. Puzzle: The   brown    dog      ran.
8. Puzzle: h   e
9. Puzzle: c  a  me
10. Puzzle: He    came    late.
11. Puzzle: d   o
12. Puzzle: p   l  ea se
13. Puzzle: Please      do        it.
14. Puzzle: g   e   t
15. Puzzle: m  u  s  t
16. Puzzle: We   must    get    milk.
17. Puzzle: a   ll
18. Puzzle: a   te
19. Puzzle: sh   e
20. Puzzle: She   ate   all   the cookies.
21. Questions: all, are, at, ate, brown, came, do, get, he, must, ran, she
22. Puzzle

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