,   Ages 5-6

Part 1 of Dolch sight words for first grade. Words include: after, again, any, as, ask, has, how, old, over, put. Students must arrange letters to spell the words, then use two words to construct a sentence. Final reading quiz at the end.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: First Grade, Sight Words, Part 1
2. Puzzle: ea  t
3. Puzzle: a  f   t  er
4. Puzzle: After  we   eat,   put     out   the    dog.
5. Puzzle: h    a    s
6. Puzzle: a   g   ai   n
7. Puzzle: She    has      a      cold   again.
8. Puzzle: a    n    y
9. Puzzle: o    l    d
10. Puzzle: Put   on   any   old   hat.
11. Puzzle: o   v   er
12. Puzzle: a   s
13. Puzzle: Come     over      as     soon    as you    can.
14. Puzzle: a   s   k
15. Puzzle: h  ow
16. Puzzle: Ask   me   how    to    do    it.
17. Questions: after, again, as, put, has, any, eat, old, over, ask, how
18. Puzzle

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