,   Ages 5-6

Part 3 of Dolch sight words for first grade. Words include: from, give, going, know, live, once, round, some, take, them. Students must arrange letters to spell the words, then construct sentences using two of the words. Final quiz for reading the words at the end.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: First Grade, Sight Words, Part 3
2. Puzzle: s   o   me
3. Puzzle: g  i  ve
4. Puzzle: Give    the    dog    some   water.
5. Puzzle: t  a  ke
6. Puzzle: f  r  o  m
7. Puzzle: Take    a  book    from    school.
8. Puzzle: kn  ow
9. Puzzle: th  e  m
10. Puzzle: Do    you    know   them?
11. Puzzle: g   o   ing
12. Puzzle: o  n  ce
13. Puzzle: I am   going  to say    this   once.
14. Puzzle: l  i  ve
15. Puzzle: r  ou  n  d
16. Puzzle: We      live     in a     round  house.
17. Questions: give, some, take, from, know, them, going, once, live, round
18. Puzzle

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