,   Ages 5-6

Part 4 of Dolch sight words for first grade. Words include: him, his, just, may, of, thank, then, think, were, when. Students must arrange letters to spell the words, then construct sentences using two of the words. A final reading quiz is included at the end.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: First Grade, Sight Words, Part 4
2. Puzzle: j  u  s  t
3. Puzzle: th  an  k
4. Puzzle: I     just    had     to     thank   you.
5. Puzzle: m  ay
6. Puzzle: h  i  m
7. Puzzle: May     I     play   with   him?
8. Puzzle: w  ere
9. Puzzle: h  i  s
10. Puzzle: They     were      his      friends.
11. Puzzle: th  in  k
12. Puzzle: o  f
13. Puzzle: Think      of       a       brown   dog.
14. Puzzle: wh  e  n
15. Puzzle: th  e  n
16. Puzzle: When    you    are    done, 

then    you    can    play., 1, 2
17. Questions: just, thank, may, him, were, his, when, then, think, of
18. Puzzle

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