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1. Questions: WHY, are there WHY words?
2. Soundboard: Table of
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Introduction, Lesson:
Sentence to
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Does It
WHY?, Activity:
Answer That
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3. Soundboard: Introduction, The reason why your knee hurts?
     Because you fell down and scraped it., The reason why you brush your teeth?
     So they don't get rotten and fall out., When someone asks you a WHY question, they are asking for a reason. Reasons are what causes something, or what makes it happen. There are key words that tell us that we are talking about reasons or causes., More
4. Soundboard: You might see both the cause and the effect, or what happened, in one cause-effect sentence., The reason why your 
knee hurts is because
you fell down and 
scraped it., The reason why you 
brush your teeth is so 
they don't get rotten 
and fall out., More
5. Questions: I didn't turn in my homework today ..., ... because she 
tripped playing 
soccer., ... so the 
potatoes won't 
burn., ... because I left
it on the bus.
6. Questions: ... because she 
tripped playing 
soccer., ... so the 
potatoes won't 
burn., ... because I left
it on the bus., She sprained her left ankle ....
7. Soundboard: ... because she 
tripped playing 
soccer., ... so the 
potatoes won't 
burn., ... because I left
it on the bus., Mom needs to watch the stove ..., Menu, Next
8. Soundboard: Sentence to Question, Mom needs to watch the stove ..., A: So the potatoes won't burn., Q: Why does                                           ?, ^                                                           ^, More, When you ask a WHY question, it is just the first part of that cause-effect sentence, but worded as a question. Your answer is the second part of the sentence.
9. Questions: So we can 
win the talent 
show., Because I left 
it on the bus., Why do you want to practice again?, Because 
didn't stop 
at the stop sign.
10. Questions: Why didn't you turn in your homework?, So we can 
win the talent 
show., Because I left 
it on the bus., So the potatoes
don't burn.
11. Soundboard: So we can 
win the talent 
show., Because I left 
it on the bus., Because 
didn't stop 
at the stop sign., Why is your dad's car wrecked?, Menu, Next
12. Soundboard: Think Key Words, Although we don't always start our answers to a WHY question with one of those key words, it helps to think it in your head. When someone asks "Why ...?" start thinking "Because ..." or "So ..."., Why are 
you studying 
so hard?, Because, We have a 
test Friday., More
13. Soundboard: Thinking because or so helps you think of the right kind of answer to give for a WHY question - a reason., Why is your
dog all wet?, I just gave
him a bath., Her cat
ran away., Why is your
sister crying?, More
14. Soundboard: Let's practice! Below are some WHY questions. Can you think of at least 2 different ways you could answer the question? Your answer must give a reason (tell WHY) and make sense., Why are 
you eating a 
sandwich?, Why is 
that door
locked?, So ..., Because ..., Menu, Next
15. Questions: Does it Answer WHY?, Below are WHY questions, along with an answer. You must decide if the answer gives a reason and makes sense., 1. Q: Why were you laughing?
     A: After school on Tuesday., 2. Q: Why is the dog under the bed?
     A: He's afraid of thunder., 3. Q: Why didn't you feed the cat?
     A: We're out of cat food.
16. Questions: 4. Q: Why is the dog barking?
     A: White with black spots., 5. Q: Why are you all dirty?
     A: I fell in a mud puddle., 6. Q: Why is your homework torn?
     A: The little purple one., 7. Q: Why do we wear shoes?
     A: On our feet.
17. Questions: 8. Q: Why are all the lights off?
     A: I'm hiding from John., 9. Q: Why aren't you doing homework?
     A: I finished it at school., 10. Q: Why did you fail the math test?
       A: It doesn't taste good.
18. Soundboard: Menu, Next
19. Questions: Answer That Question!, Below are Why questions. You must say an answer that gives a logical reason (makes sense). Your listening buddy will score your answer as correct or not by tapping the Yes or No button for each question., 1                                                     2, Why did
you miss
lunch?, Why do 
I need a
20. Questions: Why is 
there a kite
in the tree?, Why isn't
Juan here
today?, Why didn't
you eat your
broccoli?, Why is the 
milk all over
the floor?, 3                                                     4, 5                                                     6
21. Questions: Why were
you late 
today?, Why is
paint on her
shirt?, Why are
you mad at
Marco?, Why are
you so tired
today?, 7                                                     8, 9                                                    10
22. Soundboard: Menu, Next
23. Puzzle: Find That Question!, Here are the answers. What do you think the question was? You must find the question that goes with the answer., Why were
you late for
school?, Because my 
alarm clock
24. Puzzle: Why were
you late for
school?, Because
my alarm clock
broke., Why is 
crying?, Because
her brother
took her toy.
25. Puzzle: Why is
your car at
the garage?, Because
it had a flat
tire., Why did
you bring a
sandwich?, Because
I'm hungry.
26. Puzzle: Why is
the dog all
dirty?, Because
he rolled in
the mud., Why are 
your pants
falling?, Why do 
we wear
shoes?, Because
I forgot my
belt., So you
don't hurt
your feet.
27. Puzzle: Why do 
we wear
mittens?, So our
hands don't
get cold., Because
Mom got a
new job., Why are
we moving
to Ohio?, Why is
your shirt
all wet?, Because 
I spilled my
28. Soundboard: Menu, Next
29. Questions: Name That Question!, Here are some answers. You must make up a WHY question that might have been asked to elicit that answer. Your listening buddy will score your questions by tapping Yes or No. Any question that asks WHY and makes sense with the answer can be correct!, Because
my watch
broke., Because
he took her
cookies., 1                                                     2
30. Questions: 3                                                     4, 5                                                     6, Because
it had a
flat tire., Because
I missed
lunch., Because
he rolled in
the mud., Because
he forgot his
31. Questions: 7                                                     8, 9                                                    10, So you
don't hurt
your feet., So it
melt., Because
Dad got a
new job., Because
the bottle
32. Soundboard: Menu, Next
33. Questions: Resources, More, Some of our students with special needs have great difficulty understanding cause-effect relationships. I that case, you might need to teach it with something more concrete, like science lessons for young children where they explore things in the environment. You pour water on something - it gets wet. You leave ice cubes in a dish in your room - they melt. You go over a ball of playdough with a rolling pin - it gets flat. These are excellent vocabulary-building activities, and the perfect time to start encouraging them to predict what they think will happen.
34. Questions: Videos, Lesson Plans, NOTE:, You can check with your science 
teacher for projects, or check 
out these cause-effect lessons:
effect-lesson-plans/, Pinterest and Teachers Pay
Teachers also have a ton of
fun ideas!, Text Version, If basic cause-effect projects are 
still too high for your students, 
they probably need to start with 
basic switch toys. In that case, it 
is not realistic to be working on 
asking and answering WHY 
questions., If you would like a text doc of 
this lesson, visit my TpT store,
"MzWeb's World"., There are some fun videos 
on YouTube. Just search 
for "cause and effect for kids". 
These are easy to plug into 
your TinyTap activities., Exit

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