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1. Questions: are the WHERE words?, WHERE
2. Soundboard: Table of
Contents, Exit, Lesson:
Directions, Lesson:
Words, Lesson:
Introduction, Lesson:
Geography, Lesson:
At, To, 
For, By, Activity:
Find the
Key Words, Activity:, Activity:, Activity:, Does It
Answer Where?, Find That
Question!, Name That
Question!, Resources
3. Soundboard: Introduction, Sometimes when someone asks us a question, it might seem okay to just point or say "here" or "there", but these words don't really answer the question. They don't really tell WHERE "there" is. We need to use words, and use all the words so the other person really understands. For example, here is a cat and a box ..., continue
4. Soundboard: Where?, If someone asks where the cat is, you cannot just say "the box". That doesn't tell them WHERE . Is the cat in the box, under the box, on the box, or behind the box?, continue
5. Soundboard: Where?, In the same way, if you just say "on" or "in", that doesn't tell enough either. On what? In what?, Menu, Next
6. Soundboard: Directions, If someone asks you a WHERE question, they are asking about a place. There are lots of different key words we can use to answer a WHERE question, like the words we use to describe directions you can go., up, down, left, right, north, south, west, east, continue
7. Questions
8. Soundboard: Menu, Next
9. Questions: Number Words, Sometimes number words can tell the place., She is second
in line., Where is
Lakisha?, Where are 
we sitting for 
the show?, Third row,
seats 10 to 12.
10. Soundboard: Next, Menu
11. Questions: Geography!, All those names of places you learn in Geography or Science class can answer a WHERE question. Names of cities, states, countries, mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans and more!, Pussycat, Pussycat,
where have you been?, I've been to London
to see the Queen!
12. Soundboard: Bonjour!, Where is your
mother from?, Where did you 
go camping?, The Rocky Mountains!, On the
Moon., Where did the
lunar module
land?, Menu, Next
13. Questions: At, to, for, by ..., Even buildings or events can answer WHERE questions. We usually use little phrases to tell the place, using words like at, to, for, or by., Buildings                                                       Events
14. Questions: At the
store., At the
store., To the
store., To the
store., To the
bank., By the
bank., To the
bank., By the
bank., Where are
you going?, Where are
you going?, Where did
you get the
donuts?, Where did
you park your
car?, 1                                              2, 3                                              4
15. Soundboard: Where did you get that at?, Where did you get that?, Where are you going?, Where are you going to?, Menu, Next, 1                                                2, 3                                                4
16. Questions: Find the key words or phrase in each sentence that tells WHERE., Find the Key Words!, 1. The ball rolled under the chair., 2. We're going to the beach for vacation., 3. She sat in the last row riding the bus.
17. Questions: 4. The squirrel ran up the tree., 5. We are going to the movies on Saturday., 6. I found the lost sock behind the dresser., 7. He studied art in France last summer.
18. Questions: 8. Dad ran out of gas just north of town., 10. The ketchup is by the mustard., 9. My brother stayed very late at work.
19. Soundboard: Menu, Next
20. Questions: Does It Answer Where?, Below are WHERE questions along with an answer. You must decide if the answer tells WHERE and answers the question., 1. Q: Where were you yesterday?
     A: At the dentist., 2. Q: Where is my other shoe?
     A: Under your bed., 3. Q: Where is the cat food?
     A: The dish is empty.
21. Questions: 4. Q: Where did the dog go?
     A: All the dog food., 5. Q: Where did you get so dirty?
     A: On the soccer field., 6. Q: Where's your backpack?
     A: Hanging in the closet., 7. Q: Where do we put our shoes?
     A: The computer.
22. Questions: 8. Q: Where is the flashlight?
     A: At night., 9. Q: Where did your mom go?
     A: Because it's dark outside., 10. Q: Where is your report card?
       A: In my backpack.
23. Soundboard: Menu, Next
24. Puzzle: Find That Question!, Here are some answers. What do you think the question was? Match the questions to the answers so they make sense., Where is 
the milk?, It's in the
25. Puzzle: Where do 
we need 
to turn?, Go right 
at the stop
sign., Where is 
the butter?, It's in the
26. Puzzle: It's stuck
in the tree., Where 
did your 
balloon go?, Where did
the firetruck
go?, Back to 
the station.
27. Puzzle: I left it
at home., Where's
your book
report?, Where
is my
jacket?, I hung
it in the
closet., Where
does this
trash go?, In the
28. Puzzle: Where
should I
sit?, At the
table, next
to me., Where
did you get
the book?, At the
library., Where 
are they 
going?, To the 
29. Soundboard: Menu, Next
30. Questions: Name That Question!, Below are some answers. You need to create a WHERE question that might have been asked to elicit that answer. Any WHERE question that makes sense and is grammatically correct could be correct. Your listener will mark Yes or No to score your responses., Go right
at the stop
sign., It's in the
refrigerator., 1                                      2
31. Questions: 3                                     4, 5                                     6, It's stuck
in the tree., I left it
at home., Back
to the
station., I hung
it in the
32. Questions: 7                                      8, 9                                     10, In the
trash can., At the
table, next
to me., From the
library., To the
33. Soundboard: Menu, Next
34. Questions: , Obstacle Course, Barrier eGames, You can use TinyTap to create
a variety of scenes, such as a
farm scene with a variety of
objects like cow, sheep, pig,
tractor, barn, etc. Create one
scene then move the pieces 
to create another scene. 
For each scene you create,
select "share slide" from the 
dropdown menu at the top 
of the page, and you can 
access it from your album, or
send it to yourself to print out.
One student uses your image
as a blueprint to describe the 
scene, and other students can
try to recreate the scene on
their devices., Please add variety to your 
activities by incorporating
some physical movement. A
great way to accomplish this
is by using an obstacle course.
You can do this in the hallway,
your room, or the playground.
Use various objects to set up
a course for the kids to follow.
Run a string up, over, down,
under, through and around the
objects. One student will be the
direction teller, and another 
should be blindfolded to listen
to the directions and make 
their way through the course., Exit
35. Soundboard: Resources, For a text doc version of this lesson, 
check out MzWeb's World at, Check out the free downloads on my website. Lots of printables and interactive booklets for spatial concepts:, Search for this funny video using Where questions for riddles and jokes:
"Where ...? jokes, questions and riddles" by Joke Heroes, continue

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