Activity Content:

1. Questions: WHAT, is a WHAT word?
2. Soundboard: Resources, Table of Contents, Exit, Lesson:
Objects, Lesson:
Actions, Lesson:
Ideas, Activity:
Find the 
Key Words, Activity:
Does It
WHAT?, Activity:
Find That
Question!, Activity:
Name That
3. Questions: Objects, What questions can be tricky. They often are asking us to name an object - something we can see and touch., What is that?, It's a robot.
4. Questions: Riddles are another example of this., What has 4 
equal sides and 
4 corners?, What has 4
legs, whiskers,
and meows?, A cat., A square.
5. Soundboard
6. Questions: Actions, Sometimes a What question asks about an action., What are 
you doing?, I'm flying 
my kite.
7. Questions: What do we do
with scissors?, We cut with
scissors., It rolled off 
the counter., What happened
to the egg?, What will 
you do for the
talent show?, I'm going
to sing.
8. Soundboard
9. Questions: Ideas, What questions also could be asking about an idea, which we cannot see or touch, like your opinion about something., What do you 
think about going 
shopping later?, I think that's
a great idea!
10. Questions: What's wrong
with Michael today?, What's the best
thing about school?, I think he's
feeling sad about
his sick dog., Knowing how
to read like my
big brother!
11. Soundboard: thinking, feeling, planning, wishing, liking, wanting, needing, learning, Key Words
12. Soundboard: Menu, Next
13. Soundboard: Time to Show What You Know!, Activities, 1
Find the
Keys Words, 2
Does it
WHAT?, 3
14. Questions: Find the key word(s) in each sentence 
that tells WHAT they are talking about., Find the Key Words!, 1. The car was in a bad crash., 2. Dad brought home some pizza., 3. I can't find my other shoe.
15. Questions: 4. I missed the bus this morning., 5. We had tacos for lunch., 6. The train whistle was too loud., 7. I dropped my keys in the water.
16. Questions: 8. The Fall leaves are the color of fire., 9. He played soccer after school., 10. She was afraid of the spider.
17. Soundboard: Menu, Next
18. Questions: Does it Answer WHAT?, Below are WHAT questions, along with an answer. You must decide if the answer tells WHAT they are talking about. Tap Yes or No., 1. Q: What were you laughing at?
     A: That funny cartoon., 2. Q: What is that under your bed?
     A: My other shoe., 3. Q: What is the cat eating?
     A: Yesterday.
19. Questions: 4. Q: What is the dog barking at?
     A: Behind the doghouse., 5. Q: What is all over your hands?
     A: Paint from art class., 6. Q: What happened to your backpack?
     A: We use it to write., 7. Q: What do we put on our feet?
     A: A cat.
20. Questions: 8. Q: What do we need in the dark?
     A: A flashlight., 9. Q: What are you doing?
     A: In the closet., 10. Q: What was on the test?
       A: Lots of math problems.
21. Soundboard: Menu, Next
22. Soundboard: Find/Name That Question, Note to adults: Not every student is ready to formulate WHAT questions yet. These activities are at two different levels, depending on where the student is., Level 1: This is called "Find That Question". Answers are given, and students must select the question that would have been asked to elicit that answer. It is a basic matching game that does not require reading., Level 2: This is called "Name That Question" and requires adult participation to monitor if students' responses are correct or not. Answers are given, and students must formulate a WHAT question that might have been asked to elicit that answer. Any WHAT question that is grammatically correct and makes sense would be correct. Tap on YES for correct responses, and NO for incorrect responses.
23. Puzzle: Our questions and answers have gotten all mixed up! Can you fix them by sliding each question to its answer?, We use it
to write., What do we
do with a
pencil?, Find That Question!, Level
24. Puzzle: What 
do you want?, I would 
like some
broccoli., What
happened to
Dad's car?, It got a
flat tire.
25. Puzzle: What kind 
of pet do you
have?, A black
dog., What do 
you do with
a pencil?, We use 
it to write.
26. Puzzle: What do 
you do with 
a stove?, You cook
with it., What's 
for dinner 
tonight?, Pepperoni
pizza!, What
happened to
your cat?, It ran
27. Puzzle: What are
you doing
later?, My math
homework., What is 
your favorite
ice cream?, Chocolate
mint chip., What are 
you doing on
vacation?, Taking a
trip to 
28. Soundboard: Menu, Next
29. Questions: Level
2, Name That Question!, ?, We use
it to write., A black
dog., Here are some answers. What do you think the question was? Any WHAT question that is grammatically correct and makes sense with the answer could be correct!, 1                                                     2
30. Questions: Broccoli., It got a
flat tire., We cook
with it., Pepperoni
pizza., 3                                                     4, 5                                                     6
31. Questions: It ran
away., My math
homework., Chocolate
mint chip., Taking a
trip to
Hawaii., 7                                                     8, 9                                                    10
32. Soundboard: Menu, Next
33. Questions: Resources, Students having difficulty with answering WHAT questions are often lacking in the vocabulary and categorization skills that are the basis for deciding on an answer. If necessary, work on those concepts first.

Suggested activities:
1. Incorporate categorization activities in everything you do with the students.
2. Search YouTube and TeacherTube for "categories for kids" or "categorization activities" to change it up and keep it interesting.
3. Search the TinyTap marketplace for other categorization activities - great for homework or centers.
4. For the text doc version of this lesson, see my TpT store, "MzWeb's World".

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