,   Ages 14+

Part of the DIY series, this module will show you how to construct and differentiate or individualize assessments using the various features in TinyTap.
#multiplechoice #true-false #shortanswer #rubrics #ratingscales


Activity Content:

1. Questions: Assessments, Assess, Revise, Basic, Instruct
2. Soundboard: The difference between
teaching and testing ..., Insights, Let's start!
3. Soundboard: Short
Quiz, Rating
Scales, Rubrics, Exit, Multiple
Quiz, Extras ...
Page Shuffle
Game Mode
4. Soundboard: Traditional, Tap correct answer, Matching, Slide to match/label, Menu, Show Me, Show Me, blue   green   red
5. Soundboard: Ask A
Question, Menu, Show Me
6. Soundboard: Shape Puzzle, Menu, Show Me
7. Soundboard: Talk or Type, Menu, Show Me, Consider using 
alternative response
modes to meet
individual needs.
8. Soundboard: Here is an example
of a rubric for 2nd
grade story retells., Ask A Question, Menu, Show Me
9. Soundboard: Sound Board, Show Me, Menu
10. Soundboard: Menu
11. Video
12. Soundboard: Menu
13. Video
14. Soundboard: Menu
15. Video
16. Soundboard: Menu
17. Video
18. Soundboard: Menu
19. Questions

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