Activity Content:

1. Questions: I Can 
Be a 
Friend!, Interactive
Social Stories
2. Soundboard: Why use
TinyTap?, Creating Your
 Story, Making It
Interactive, Using 
Images, Using a
Board, Using a
Puzzle, Using "Say
Something", Sharing
Your Story, Customizing
A Story, Using
Ask a
Question, Using
Talk or
Type, Using
3. Soundboard: ↩️, Research has shown that
students participate and
attend better when using
technology. (Singh & Means,
n.d., U.S. Dept of Education), You can make social stories
interactive to reinforce
important points and provide
memory supports., The digital format makes it
ideal for editing a story to
customize it., The story can be accessed by 
any student, teacher, or parent
who has internet access and 
your link or QR code., Why use TinyTap, for social stories?, Students can carry their 
stories with them on a phone 
or iPod to access 
anytime, without 
the stigma of 
a "book"., No Print! 'Nuf said!
4. Soundboard: Creating a social story is as easy as, Consider the child's interest/ability in reading and ability 
to understand. Would pictures be beneficial? How long/complex can your sentences be?, Do a quick task analysis. Break down the skill being taught
into small specific steps that the child needs to perform.
Then start writing!, Decide on the skill you want to work on. (Note: Social stories are supposed to be positive, so address the replacement behavior you want, rather than the negative behavior you want to eliminate.), NEXT
5. Soundboard: Review of research up to 
2015 re: effectiveness of
Social Stories., Everything you need 
to know about Social
Stories:, ↩️, Return
to Menu, Make it
6. Soundboard: Make It Interactive!, Use the Houdini feature to layer images and
make them appear or disappear on a tap., ↩️
7. Soundboard: May I have a
turn, please?, Sure, I have 
another one., I am careful when I choose the words I use., Using Houdini images, NEXT
8. Video: Houdini
9. Soundboard: 5. Record a message or sound
FX that plays on tap., 1. Put your background and images on your slide.

2. Select the image(s) you want to appear/disappear. Put another image or a colored shape on top of it, making sure to hide the bottom image.

3. Tap on the           symbol to open your interactivity menu.

4. Set the image to "hide" or "show" 
on a tap. You can make the bottom 
image "show" and the top one will 
disappear, or vice versa., ↩️, Make your images appear 
or disappear like magic!
10. Questions: Using Ask a Question
11. Video: Ask a Question
12. Soundboard: ↩️
13. Text Input: Using Talk or Type, (You can use an 
optional word bank), control
good job
14. Video: Talk or Type
15. Soundboard: ↩️
16. Soundboard: You can add a page to 
clarify a concept or 
identify situations ..., Is it okay to interrupt?, NEXT, Using Sound Board
17. Video: Sound Board
18. Soundboard: ↩️
19. Puzzle: 1, 2, Using
Shape Puzzle
20. Video: Shape Puzzle
21. Soundboard: ↩️
22. Reading: Using Play a Video
23. Video
24. Video: Add a Video
25. Soundboard: ↩️
26. Soundboard: Using Say Something
27. Soundboard: Say Something, ↩️
28. Questions: Sharing your
social story
29. Soundboard: No-Frills Sharing, Access your app from the
TinyTap website online:

Log in and select your app.

When it starts to play, copy
the URL at the top of the
screen. You can email it to
anyone who needs it.

Done!, From your computer ..., From your tablet ..., Open your profile, select
"activity", then your app.
Select "share", and tap
on "email".
30. Soundboard: Benefits of Insights ..., You can send the app 
to other people, like 
parents and other
teachers, so everyone
is on the same page., You get all the data
to tell you when the
app is actually being
used. Is he using it
in math? PE?, You can create a QR
code for each student
to make it easier to log 
into their social story., You can use Insights to push out
assignments/stories to a group. If 
you want to receive the data when
it is played you need a paid 
subscription. Pricing and tutorials
can be found at:, ↩️
31. Reading: Customizing a
social story
32. Soundboard: NOTE:Editing must be done on a tablet., Select an app and open it to play., Tap on the page menu icon., Tap on the editing pencil., Tap on the download arrow.
33. Questions

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