,   Ages 5-6

Learn words that contain a silent b in this simple adventure with baby brother B. Climb, crumbs, bomb, thumb and plumber are the 5 words introduced.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Silent B’s, Concept & Illustrations by
Moses Sia, pauseability.wordpress.com
2. Soundboard: Baby brother B was making too much noise., So his sister asked him to look for silent B’s., Silent bees?, ?
3. Soundboard: Did he find any silent B’s?, Baby brother B climbed up a stool.
4. Soundboard: Baby brother B followed the crumbs on the floor., Did he find any silent B’s?
5. Soundboard: He looked inside the bomb shelter., Did he find any silent B’s?
6. Soundboard: He found thumb prints on the window., Did he find any silent B’s?
7. Soundboard: Finally, he asked the plumber., Did he find any silent B’s?
8. Soundboard: climbed, crumbs, bomb, thumb, plumber
9. Reading: Bye bye, pauseability.wordpress.com

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