Activity Content:

1. Questions: was, is, Traveling Through Time
With Verb Tenses
2. Soundboard: past, present, future, tells us WHEN something
happened/is happening/will happen., Verb Tense
3. Puzzle: is, was
4. Puzzle: We cannot see a real
dinosaur today. He was
alive a long time ago., A bird   is   an animal
we can see today.
5. Puzzle: He  was   hungry., Now he   is   full.
6. Puzzle
7. Puzzle: because he  was
working all day., Dad   is   tired
8. Puzzle: It  was  raining 
earlier today,, but it  is  sunny now.
9. Puzzle
10. Puzzle
11. Puzzle: Bear  was  sleeping
all winter, so, now he   is   hungry.
12. Puzzle: Ork  was  living on
the yellow planet,, but now he   is   on 
the blue planet.
13. Puzzle: Last time our
rocket  was  red,, but today it
is  yellow.
14. Puzzle: Last time I saw him,
he  was  very small., Ork   is   big now.
15. Puzzle: This one   is
purple., There  was  an 
orange one, 
until I ate it!
16. Puzzle: It  was  fun
playing today,, but now it  is
time for Ork
to go. Bye!

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