,   Age: 5-6

Appropriate for ages 5-6. This is a very basic intro to the engineering process used to solve problems. Students have the chance to actually make the decisions along the way. Part of the Next Generation Science Standards for Kdg.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: I Want To Be An ...
2. Video
3. Questions: 1. What is
the problem?
4. Questions: 2. What do I know?
5. Questions: 3. Choose some things to try.
6. Soundboard: 4. Experiment with different combinations.
7. Reading
8. Reading
9. Reading
10. Soundboard: Next step: try to make it even better!
11. Questions
12. Reading: 2. What do 
you know?, 3. Decide on
the best choice., 1. What is
the problem?, 4. Give it a try! 
Try a it a couple 
different ways.
13. Reading

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