,   Age: 5-6

This game pulls together lots of info learned in other units about measurement, and other information resources. Where does Marco need to look to find the info he needs? Knowing where to find info is critical to the writing process later. Good for functional problem solving.


Activity Content:

1. Questions: Find it!, Where can I
2. Questions: What day is it?
3. Questions: What should I wear?
4. Questions: What should I take?
5. Questions: Is it time to go?
6. Questions: How do we get there?
7. Questions: Who had the 
longest fish?
8. Questions: Which fish is 
the heaviest?
9. Puzzle
10. Questions: What's a trout?
11. Questions
12. Questions: How do I know when
the fish is done?
13. Questions: How much detergent 
do I use?
14. Questions: How do I know which book?
15. Reading

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