,   Age: 2-3

This is practice saying the W sound, which is one of the earliest sounds mastered. Practice includes syllables, words, multisyllabic words, phrases and sentences. Continue the practice by finding sentences in your favorite stories to say. #articulation


Activity Content:

1. Questions
2. Soundboard: wolf, mower, cow
3. Text Input: we, why?, wow!, way
4. Text Input
5. Text Input: Wayne, when?, one, wind
6. Text Input: wag, wig, wake, week
7. Text Input: web, wipe, wife, wolf
8. Puzzle
9. Text Input: Wendy, wagon, window, woman
10. Text Input: Hawaii, awake, away, towel
11. Text Input: bow, tow, meow, no
12. Text Input: bowing, mowing, new, cow
13. Video
14. Text Input: Wendy, wolf
15. Text Input: mower, window, towel
16. Text Input
17. Text Input
18. Questions

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