,   Ages 2-3

TinyTap provides a wonderful way to add interaction to your photo albums. Here is a sample multitouch photo album based on a painting by artist Liu Kang. You can create your own too.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Life by the River
(a sample of a TinyTap
multitouch photo album), Created by Moses Sia, pauseability.wordpress.com
2. Soundboard: National Gallery Singapore, Tap here to exit
3. Soundboard
4. Soundboard: A mangrove is a shrub or small tree that grows in coastal saline or brackish water. The term is also used for tropical coastal vegetation consisting of such species., Tap here to return to
Life by the River
5. Soundboard: A Malay kampong at Pasir Panjang. This photo was taken in the 50s. The painting Life by the River was done in 1975. A port now stands at this place., Tap here to return to
Life by the River
6. Reading: Visit us again.

Good bye!, pauseability.wordpress.com

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