,   Ages 6-7

Learn compound words in Mandarin Chinese related to the word for "heart" 心 with definitions in English and Malay.


Activity Content:

1. Reading: Heartland, Moses Sia, pauseability.wordpress.com, Original concept
& illustration by, 三心, 两意, (With definitions in English & Malay)
2. Soundboard: kaī, happy, xīn, gembira, 开, 心
3. Soundboard: 心, shāng, xīn, sad, sedih, 伤
4. Soundboard: 担, 心, dān, xīn, worry, bimbang
5. Soundboard: 小, 心, xiǎo, xīn, careful, berhati-hati
6. Soundboard: 热, 心, rè, xīn, enthusiastic, bersemangat
7. Puzzle: 开心, 热心, 伤心, 担心, 小心
8. Reading: 再见, 祝您天天开心!, pauseability.wordpress.com