Activity Content:

1. Reading: Tap into Our Exhibition Topics
Part 2:
Siblings, Homeschooling &
 Literacy for All
2. Reading: A Snapshot of Siblings
3. Questions: 250,000, 20 million, 30,000, About how many only children households do YOU think there are in the U.S.? (That means families with only one child)
4. Questions: On average, in the U.S., what percent of births are twins?, 5.7%, 2.1%, 3.3%
5. Questions: How much of their free time do children spend with their siblings?, 33%, 15%
6. Questions: How many times per hour do you think siblings between 3-7 years old have some sort of disagreement?, 1.8, 3.5
7. Reading: By... Taking our survey!
8. Reading: Homeschooling
9. Questions: What is the percentage of kids being homeschooled in the United States?, 15.5%, 0.5%, 30.4%, 3.4%
10. Reading: Next we'd like you to take a minute, to turn and talk about why you think some families might choose to homeschool?
11. Soundboard: There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children. Tap on the images below to find out some reasons., Next page
12. Reading: Literacy for All
13. Questions: Approximately how many people in the world are illiterate?, 168 million, 758 million, 32 million
14. Reading
15. Questions: Males, Which gender has a higher rate of illiteracy?, Females
16. Questions: Children, Adults, Who has a more difficult time learning to read?

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