Activity Content:

1. Reading: Tap into Our Topics:
Exhibition 2017 
Part 1:
Refugees, LGBTQ & 
Automation of Jobs
2. Reading: REFUGEE
A Refugee is a person who has to flee their country because of war, lack of food, violence or because they think or act differently.
3. Questions: What percentage of the world's refugees are children?, 75%, 25%, 50%
4. Reading
5. Soundboard: Tap here for 
next topic
6. Reading: Ahamad, 6 years old - Syria
7. Reading: Zardana, 11 years old - Afghanistan
8. Reading: Munira, 9 months old - Somalia
9. Reading: In our exhibition project, we've been learning about gender stereotypes and bias. When people say things like:
 "Only girls can wear pink," 
or "Only boys can play with trucks," they're giving the message that it's not OK to be different. Take our quiz to see what you know about gender expectations. Then learn about picture books that break these stereotypes.
10. Questions: Who can wear dresses?, Girls, Boys, Anyone who 
wants to
11. Reading
12. Questions: In a fairy tale, who can save others and conquer a dragon?, Any person fit 
for the job, Only a prince, Only a 
13. Reading
14. Questions: During World War I, when a boy helped knit clothes for the soldiers, what do you think happened?, Everyone said, 
"Thank you!", People said, 
"Knitting is 
for girls.", People 
about the 
15. Reading
16. Reading: What is automation?
17. Soundboard: Tap each picture to learn information about a few types of automation.
18. Questions: What is the likelihood that the job of a cashier will be automated in the next 20 years?, 90%, 60%
19. Questions: What is the likelihood of fast food work being automated in the next 20 years?, 48%, 81%
20. Reading: So... What do you think so far? Is automation of jobs a good or bad thing?
21. Reading: Stay tuned next week 
for our other 3 topics!

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