,   Ages 7-8

Part 1 of a four part series of Dolch sight words, including: always, around, because, been, before, best, both, buy, fast, goes, work, your. Students rearrange letters to spell the word, then arrange the words to create a sentence for word meaning. Includes reading the words in a quiz at the end. #vocabulary #semantics, #sentence construction


Activity Content:

1. Reading
2. Puzzle: 1, 2
3. Puzzle: 1, 2
4. Puzzle: Always   look for   cars 
before   you cross   the street.
5. Puzzle
6. Puzzle
7. Puzzle: A scarf     goes      around
your     neck.
8. Puzzle
9. Puzzle
10. Puzzle: He got    a ticket     because
he was    driving    too fast.
11. Puzzle
12. Puzzle
13. Puzzle: Mom   has   been  
at    work    all    day.
14. Puzzle
15. Puzzle
16. Puzzle: Do  your  best
on   the    test.
17. Puzzle
18. Puzzle
19. Puzzle: I        will      buy     both    books.
20. Questions: before, always, goes, around, because, fast, been, work, your, best, buy, both
21. Puzzle

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