,   Ages 6-7

A Math story featuring southeast Asian animals.
A work in progress. Comments most welcome.


Activity Content:

1. Tapir the Party Planner, You can count on us, Getting the Party Hats Ready, Concept & Illustrations by Moses Sia, pauseability.wordpress.com
2. Mr Tapir is a party planner. He is planning a surprise party for Mr Peacock., He sends out the invitation.
3. Hello! My husband and I will be there. :), The first reply comes from Mrs Orangutan.
5. Next, Mr Hornbill replies., I will come with my 3 cousins.
7. Sorry, I cannot be there., Mr Banteng sends his reply too.
9. Finally, Ms Mousedeer sends her reply., Hi! The Mousedeer triplets will be at the party!
11. 2  +  4  +  3  =, 9
12. We have a party hat for every friend and another one for Mr Peacock too., We are ready for the party!
13. Thank you for getting the party hats ready for Mr Peacock's surprise party., Ringtone from zedge.net

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