,   Ages 3-4

Have fun this summer with visual directions for making s'mores. Includes games at the end to play while you are waiting for them to cool down, such as picture sequencing, WH questions/riddles, vocabulary word search. Great for PreK-3rd grade, special needs, or English Language Learners.
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Activity Content:

1. Questions: Time for S'MORE fun!
2. Soundboard: You will 
3. Soundboard: 2. Chocolate, 1. Graham 
cracker on 
the bottom., 4. Another
on top., 3. Melted 
4. Soundboard: small, medium, large, What size will you 
be making today?
5. Soundboard: How many marshmallows
will you need for that size?
6. Soundboard: a little piece, half of it, all of it, How much chocolate
will you need?
7. Soundboard: How will you melt
your marshmallows?
8. Questions: Little
9. Reading: Put your marshmallows
on a stick or skewer.
10. Reading: Hold your marshmallow above the flames. Do not let the flames touch
 the marshmallow. Heat until the marshmallow is squishy.
11. Reading: WARNING!, If your marshmallow falls
off your stick, get a new one!
12. Reading: Put your chocolate on top
of your graham cracker.
13. Reading: (Your adult will decide if they need 
to help you with the this step.), Using a spoon or fork, 
carefully slide marshmallow 
off stick onto chocolate.
14. Reading: Put another graham cracker 
on top of the marshmallow 
and gently press down.
15. Reading: The marshmallow will be hot enough 
to melt the chocolate - and burn 
your mouth! Wait a few minutes for 
it to cool before you eat it.
16. Puzzle: , 1             2            3, 4             5            6
17. Questions: Mom or Dad, Teacher, Teenager, Little
18. Reading: Your adult helper should turn
on the broiler to heat up.
19. Reading: Put one graham cracker for 
each person on a cookie sheet.
20. Reading: Put a piece of chocolate on
each graham cracker.
21. Reading: Place marshmallows on
top of chocolate.
22. Reading: Put s'mores under broiler  until marshmallows get gooey.
23. Reading: Put another graham cracker 
on top of the marshmallows., Press down gently.
24. Reading: WARNING!, Stop and think - if the s'mores
are hot enough to melt the marshmallow, it is hot enough to 
burn your mouth. Wait for it to cool!
25. Puzzle: 1            2             3, 4            5             6
26. Puzzle: Vocabulary Match-ups
27. Questions: Q: Who can help 
you melt your 
marshmallows?, adult, oven, little sister
28. Questions: Q: What is white, 
and squishy?, snowman, marshmallow, pillow
29. Questions: Q: Where does the 
marshmallow go
in the s'more?
30. Questions: Q: When is it 
time to 
clean up?, after you eat, the mess, in the trash
31. Questions: Q: Why do you 
have to wait a few
minutes to eat?, You're hungry., Five minutes., it's too hot., Because
32. Questions: smores
yummy, Word Search
33. Questions

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