,   Age: 8-9

Overview: ACARA Year 5 Civics and Citizenship ACHASSK115 & ACHASSK116


Activity Content:

1. The Government of Australia
2. A government is the group of people
in power in a particular place.
The Commonwealth of Australia
is a constitutional monarchy
based on the Westminster System
of parliamentary democracy.
3. Australia is a federation of six states, and three self-governing territories.
There are also seven other 'external' Australian territories., To:, States:
New South Wales     Victoria
Western Australia     Tasmania
South Australia     Queensland
Federated Territories:
The Australian Capital Territory
The Northern Territory
Norfolk Island
4. A short history of Australia's federation., By the last decade (ten years) of the 1900s, there was agreement among the colonies that because they were so far from Britain, and had cooperated well in the past, some kind of a union would be wise., Before The 20th Century, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania were not states of a nation, but instead were separate colonies of The British Empire., The states would be federated (joined), and The Commonwealth of Australia, an independent country, but with the queen of The British Empire also as its head, would be born., Click on the pictures to learn more!, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5. 2) In 1867, Sir. Henry Parkes suggested that a council be formed to discuss possible future federation., 1) Australia began as a continent of separate colonies of The British Empire., 3) Sir. Samuel Griffith drafted a bill to form the Federal Council of Australasia., Federation Quiz, 4) Andrew Clark played a major role in drafting Australia's Constitution., 5) It was clear early that Fiji would not participate in a federation of The Commonwealth of Australia, and the many people in Western Australia and New Zealand were not enthusiastic either., The four colonies voted again in 1899, and each passed the proposal to federate.
There was still a great deal of argument in Western Australia., 6) South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania voted in 1898, but the vote was not won by the number of votes the law in the colonies required., 7) Western Australians voted to join the federation of The Commonwealth of Australia in 1900., 8) Australia became a federated nation on January 1st, 1901.
6. The Constitution, To become an independent nation, Australia needed its own constitution.
What is a constitution?
7. What we believe..., * All people are equally special and important.
* Everybody should be able to say what they believe.
* Everybody should be able to be friends with who they choose, and chose their own religion., * Everybody should respect the law and government without religion.
* The law should treat everyone the same.
* Men and women are equally important., * Australians should care for others, and give everyone an equal chance.
Australians believe in freedom, bound by law.
8. What does The Australian Constitution say about Australia's government?, The people who wrote The Constitution put a lot of thought into how Australians should be governed., They developed an effective system of government by combining elements of the Federal System of The United States of America to the proven British Westminster System., Australia is a federation of six states, and three territories (including Norfolk Island), and the state and local governments still have some powers.
9. The Westminster System of Government, * The people in charge of the different government departments are chosen because they are very noisy., * The party in government can do whatever they choose., * The party (or parties) with the second highest number of votes form an 'opposition' to check the government decisions., * If there is a monarch, they can do anything they choose, * If there is a monarch, (royal head of state), they act on the advice of the Prime Minister (Constitutional Monarchy)., * The government does not need to obey the law. If they do not like the law, they can just change it for themselves., * The law is always to be followed by everyone, and judges are in no way connected to politics., * The people in charge of each area of government are selected by the people who Australians choose at elections.
10. How Australians are Governed, Australian government: How it works.
Click around the image to discover how the writers of the Australian Constitution designed a responsible government.
12. Voting in Australia:
How Australians Choose Their Leaders
14. The House of Representitives, The Members of The House of Representatives, (The Lower House of Parliament), are elected by Preferential Voting.
Here is how it works.
15. The Senate, The Australian Senate is elected by Proportional Representation.
How does that work?
16. Voting in Australia!
17. The House of Representitives, The Senate