,   Ages 7-8

Learn to understand humor with these St. Patrick's Day jokes, using multiple meanings, homonyms, and mental set.
#St.Patrick'sDay #Irish #leprechaun


Activity Content:

1. Questions: Riddle Me This
2. Puzzle: What type of bow
cannot be tied?, A rain-bow!
3. Puzzle: Where can you
always find gold?, In the dictionary!
4. Puzzle: Why can't you iron
a four-leaf clover?, Because you shouldn't
"press your luck"!
5. Puzzle: How can you tell if
a leprechaun is
having a good time?, He is Dublin over
with laughter!
6. Puzzle: +, What would you get
if you crossed Christmas
with St. Patricks's Day?, St. O'Claus!, What would you get if
you crossed Christmas
with St. Patrick's Day?
7. Puzzle: When is an Irish potato
not an Irish potato?, When it's a French fry!
8. Puzzle: What does Ireland
have more of than
any other country?, Irishmen!
9. Puzzle: What did one Irish ghost
say to the other?, "Top o' the moaning!"
10. Puzzle: A lepre-condo!
11. Puzzle: Why did the elephant
wear green sneakers?, Her red ones
were in the wash!
12. Puzzle: Knock-knock!, Who's there?, Irish!, Irish who?, Irish you a happy
St. Patrick's Day!

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